Hi, I'm Jonathan

I'm a pet photographer who specializes in working with animals on-location.

I’ve been lucky to spend my entire life living and working with animals. Over the years, I've found the bond between pet and owner can be something truly special, and one that non-pet owners may never fully understand.

Whether your pet be furred, feathered, or scaled, I know first-hand how fulfilling it can be to care for these creatures. Moreover, I have felt the crushing void left when they inevitably pass away. We never get enough time with our pets, and the desire to hold onto our memories with our pets in a more tangible way has been my driving force behind Greenfield Pet Photography. My goal is to give you something you and your family can cherish beyond the lifetime of your pet. 

Jonathan on a job for a photo shoot.
Jonathan holding a cat at an event

My story

I grew up with more pets than what most people consider “normal.” My family lived in a small suburban house in Santa Clara, California, but that didn’t stop us from having pet snakes, a tortoise, a gopher, fish, frogs, multiple species of lizards, and of course the family cat. In this small house with all these crazy animals is where my life found its purpose.

As a student, I spent much of my available time volunteering at the San Jose Animal Care and Control Center. In 2017 I began serving Chico’s pet owners as a professional dog walker and pet sitter. Since becoming a "pet professional," I have taken tens of thousands of pictures of pets, working everyday to develop my artistic style and further my knowledge of animal behavior. It has also allowed me to explore the city and to see how many wonderful pet-friendly outdoor spaces Chico has to offer.

In 2019 I decided to focus more on my photography, which lead to the creation of Greenfield Pet Photography. I am lucky to have a job that allows me to share my love of animals with new pets and caretakers every day. 

A passion for pets

I love what I do because I believe there is always something new to learn from our pets. I’ve seen a lot when it comes to animals, yet people’s pets still find ways to surprise and challenge me. There’s a satisfaction that comes with befriending the cat whose owner claims “absolutely hates everyone,” and the excitement of taking a photo that either perfectly captures a pet’s personality, or reveals some expression that surprises even the owner. My love of animals is what drives me personally and professionally.

Working with animals as a photographer requires a different skill set than working with people, and it's one the comes more naturally to me. From years of working with animals, I have found that I am able to see how special a pet can be in the same way their owners do. Your pet could be a cat, rat, fish, or spider….I will make a connection with any animal! Furthermore, I empathize with pet owners in ways they often don’t experience with other people. This can be especially therapeutic for pet owners and caretakers, especially as their pet nears the end of its life.

Jonathan receives wet kisses from a dog

About Greenfield Pet Photography

Jonathan as a young child holding his family's pet snakes.

Greenfield Pet Photography is the natural progression of my own passion for animals and the bonds we form with them.

My childhood was filled with pets. Volunteering at the San Jose animal shelter opened my eyes to how many animals in any given community desperately need help. Working at Sitter For Your Critters has allowed me to directly tap into the bonds between pets and their owners in my community. Greenfield Pet Photography is how I help owners celebrate their bonds with their pets, while also providing me the means to give back to the animals in my community that need help the most.

When you work with Greenfield Pet Photography, your pets come first. All my techniques are based on positive reinforcement, and the comfort and safety of your animals is always my number one priority. While it's always great to get that "perfect" shot, my goal is always for my clients - pets and people - to feel comfortable and have fun during our time together.

Ready to book?

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