My dog can’t be let off-leash in public. Are you still able to take their photos?
Yes! Many of the animals I photograph outside are on-leash the entire time. I am able to digitally remove the leashes afterwards using Photoshop, so you would never know they were leashed when viewing the final product.

My dog is “crazy” around other animals or strangers. Are you still able to take their photos?
Yes! I have taken photos of different animals with a wide range of personalities. Whether your pet is very shy or even aggressive, I will work with you to craft a plan that best suits your pet’s personality and needs so everyone can have a fun and safe experience.

Where do you take your photos?
I have a number of locations in the parks around Chico where I do my photoshoots depending on the time of year. I will also conduct photoshoots at your home depending on your type of pet and their personality.