I’ve been lucky to spend my entire life living and working with animals. Over the years, I've found the bond between pet and owner can be something truly special. Non-pet owners may never fully understand. 

Whether that pet be furred, feathered, or scaled, I know first-hand how fulfilling it can be to care for these creatures. Moreover, I have felt the crushing void left when they inevitably pass away. We never get enough time with our pets, and the desire to hold onto our memories with our pets in a more tangible way has been my driving force behind Greenfield Pet Photography.

I began serving Chico’s pet owners in 2017 as a lead member of the Sitter For Your Critters dog walking/pet sitting team. In that time, I have taken tens of thousands of pictures of pets, working everyday to develop my artistic style and further my knowledge of animal behavior/psychology. It’s also allowed me to meet people from all parts of the city and to see how many wonderful parks Chico has to offer. Combining my photography with my adventures through Bidwell park and around the city has been a natural fit.
Before moving to Chico, I split my time between studying biology at SJSU and volunteering for the San José Animal Care and Control Center, all with the hopes of continuing to work with animals into my future. But my background with animals extends all the way to childhood. 
My family had a small suburban house in Santa Clara, but that didn’t stop us from having pet snakes, a tortoise, a gopher, fish, frogs, multiple species of lizards, and of course the family cat. In this small house with all these crazy animals is where my life found its purpose. I am so excited to share my love of animals with you and to learn all about what makes your connection with your pets special. 

Other fun facts about me are that I’m a total superhero and Star Wars nerd. I’m always up for a debate about Marvel vs DC, or why the prequels are actually better than the Disney Star Wars movies. I also love hockey and am probably the biggest SJ Sharks fans in Chico. When I’m not working, you can find me fishing in Cal Park, or at home jamming along to The Beatles and Led Zeppelin on my guitar. I also love a good ghost story.​​​​​​​
So don’t be shy! Reach out through the Contact page or any of my social media pages if you’re ready to book a photo session, or if you have any questions about the pet photography process. I’m always happy to talk if you want to nerd out, or if you’ve ever lost a pet and just need someone to vent to. I can’t wait to meet you and your pets soon!